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Shipment of The Desander and Desilter without Bottom Shaker


On Dec.16, The desander and desilter without bottom shaker, which is designed and manufacture by Brightway according customer's requirment, have been shiped to Dubai.The desander and desitle will be used in the field of oil drilling mud control.

Shipment of The Desander and Desitle without Bottom Shaker

The specifications and benefits are as below:
1.High temperature tolerance, chemical and erosion resistance and low-cost replacement;
2.Small footprint, economic choice, no consumable screens;
3.Separates solids more efficiently than conventional tangential entry, thus conserving fluid and reducing wear at the feed inlet;
4.Customized cone configuration can meet customers’ various needs.

Brightway Desitle without Bottom Shaker Brightway Desande without Bottom Shaker
Brightway Desander and Desitle without Bottom Shaker

Brightway is the professional desander and desilter manufacturer in China and can provide BWCSQ and BWCNQ series desander and desilter.The hydrocyclone of Brightway desander, designed to speed up the settling process of solids, is interchangeable with Derrick’s.Compared with the domestic market,the desander and desitle without bottom shaker are more widely used in overseas market. 

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