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Fire ignition device

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In the course of drilling, It produces harmful gas such as hydrogen sulfide. Once inhaling the gas,it will threaten the safety of life, so we need a device to deal with these harmful gases in the drilling process, , to ensure the safety of the drilling site.
The flare ignition device is to burn out the harmful gas collected from the mud gas separator, so it can be matched with the mud gas separator in the oil& gas drilling or CBM drilling.

It can not only ensure the security for the drilling process, but also protect the environment.

The device is mainly consisted of the gas burner (torch) of DN200 (or DN150), electrical flame igniter of GDH-2, and the liquefied gas bottle, etc.

Brightway can product two model  flare ignition device, including: GPD-BWY-15/2.5 and YPD-20/3. According to customer demand,we can supply different kinds of flare ignition device.

 Flare Ignition Device Parameter






Normal diameter of burner 



Burner height   



Ignition voltage of 

electric igniter GDH-2 



Ignition frequency of

 electric igniter GDH-2



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