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Shale Shaker

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  • BWZS104 Shale Shake
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Shale shaker is used in drilling fluids processing system to remove the particles from fluids by vibrating according to linear motion theory. It plays an important role in the drilling fluids treatment process. Shale shaker is also called Linear Motion Shale Shaker or Drilling Fluids Shale ShakerAs the first phase separation device, shale shaker decides the performance of the whole solids control system. It can separate out the particles which are larger than 76um. 

Brighway Solids Control Company is the professional shale shaker manufacturer and suppliers in China and provides different model and capacitoilfield shale shaker, such as high frequency shale shaker, variable frequency shale shakerdouble-deck shale shaker and international standards shale shakers. Brighway BWZS series shale shaker is designed and manufactured in accordance with international standardsAt present, Brightway BWZS series shale shaker has been exported to 40+ countries in the world. 


Brightway Shale Shaker Advantages


1.Brightway can design shale shakers according to clients’ special requirements or combined with our technician’s design.

2.Brightway designs and manufactures a complete series of linear motion shale shakers for all onshore and off shore applications.

3.The Brightway shale shakers advance with the times along with many advantages.

4. The electrical cabinet is small volume, easy operation, famous Chinese brand.
5. The explosion-proof motor brand is Oli or Martin for the shakers.

6.Compound rubber springs are with long life service, low vibration noise, high /low temperature resistance.


Brightway  Shale Shaker Parameters


Drilling Mud Shale Shaker Parameters

Drilling Mud Shale Shaker Parameters



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