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One set Mud-water Separator Equipment Delivered Customer


Today, according to the request of the Municipal Engineering Company, One set Mud-water Separators Equipment, which is researched and developed by Brightway in combination with years of mud treatment experience,has been shiped to customer. 

Mud-water Separators Equipment

BWDG-50 Mud-water Separators Equipment is composed of one unit multifunctional flat shale shaker, mud cyclone system, sand pump and receiver tank. 

Features as follow:

1.Small size,Dimensions: 2.4x1.2x2.1m, Easy to transport and not take up too much Road without obstructing traffic.

2.Large Capacity (50m3/h), High efficiency, It can separate mud out from the pipe quickly and achieve the purpose of the dredging pipeline effectively.

Mud-water Separators Equipment
Brightway Mud-water Separators Equipment


Brightway Mud-water Separator can be used widely in the field of HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling), Soil and Water Balanced Top Pipe Project, Urban underground pipeline dredging. The series proudcts  undergoes a rigorous quality inspection and have a good economic benefit and social benefit for many customers.

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