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Three Sets Drilling Waste Management Sent to One Drilling Site of China


On Dec.15, Brightway three sets drilling waste management system have been assembled,tested and would be sent to one drilling site in China. One of them would be delivered to Shanbei and the others to Xinjiang.

Drilling Waste Management Sent to One Drilling Site

The Drilling Waste Management is composed of high frequency Drying Shaker, Cuttings Dryer, VFD Decanter Centrifuge and other ancillary equipments such as Mud Agitator, Mud tanks, Sand Pump,and screw conveyer.

The System Features as follow:
1.Inside of each mud tanks installed the insulated pipeline of hot water circulation and make sure equipment be operated smoothly in the low temperature environmental conditions.
2. On top of the shaker screen equipped with high-pressure Cleaning Devices.
3.Outside of Mud tanks equipped with ball valves, so as to ensure that the  floating oils in oil-based mud can be discharged through the ball valve in time.

The Mud Tanks are being prepared to lift

Through continuous improvement and innovation, Brightway Drilling Waste Mangement System not only can solve the environmental problems of the oil and gas drilling site effectively but also can be applied to the fields such as HDD, CBM, TBM and Construction Pile. 

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