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High Quality Triple Deck Shale Shaker
Triple Deck Shale Shaker

Triple deck shale shaker is a new type of solids control shale shaker for oilfield drilling. Triple deck shale shaker is the product of continuous improvement and upgrading of oilfield drilling solids control technology. It has high-performance components and can adapt to different drilling solids control conditions. The triple deck drilling mud shale shaker adopts a modular screen structure with a large screen area. A triple deck shale shaker can replace the traditional solids control system as an all-in-one model. It reduces the cost of equipment such as desilter, desander, etc.

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Shale Shaker

Shale shaker is the separation device to isolate the particles from fluids, according to vibrating theory. And shale shaker plays an important role in the drilling process.

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High Quality Brightway BWGY Elevated Oil Tank
Brightway BWGY Elevated Oil Tank

Elevated oil tanks are also known as explosion-proof oil tanks or oil rig oil tanks. Elevated oil tanks are used as supporting equipment for drilling rigs. They mainly provide the required oil for the motors and boilers of drilling rigs. They are ideal fuel supply and storage devices.

Tags: BWGY Elevated Oil Tank

BWZCQ240 Vacuum Degasser
Vacuum Degasser

Vacuum degasser is a special equipment for gas extraction in fluids drilling. Degasser plays a major role of removing dissolved gases and gas bubbles.

Tags: Drilling Mud Vacuum Degasser Solids Control Vaccum Degassing Mud Vacuum Degassing Systems

BWZJ70-2S12N Mud Cleaner
Mud Cleaner

Brightway is a Professional Desanders and Desilters Manufacturer.Brightway Mud cleaner adopt Sino-Italy joint venture brand OLI Explosion-proof Motor, motive force is more powerful.

Tags: Drilling Mud Cleaner System Derrick Mud Cleaner Equiment Professional Desanders and Desilters Manufacturer

BWCSQ250-2S Desander

Desander is an very important role in drilling solids control system. It is made to make sure sand is completely isolated from drilling fliuds. Brightway desander has been optimizing processed to match the modern drilling system demands.

Tags: Drilling Mud Desander Equipment Desander for Drilling Fluid System Oilfield Solids Control De-Sander

Brightway Desilter

Brightway Desilter was designed by adopting ANSYS limited element analysis and also by supplied from BAOSTEEL, ABB/SIMENS/SCHEIDER or any other company to keep high-level Manufacture standard.

Tags: Desilters for Drilling Mud System Desilter for Mud Cleaning Equipment Derrick Desander and Desilter

BWLWF355X1250N Decanting Centrifuge
Decanting Centrifuge

Brightway decanting centrifuges are designed with practical structure and environmental friendly concept.

Tags: Solids Control Decanting Centrifuge Drilling Mud Decanter Centrifuge Solids ContrDrilling Fluid Decanter Centrifuge

BWVP750, BWVP500
Sludge Vacuum Pump

Sludge vacuum pump, also known as solids vacuum pump or solids transfer pump, which is a high load and strong suction pneumatic vacuum pump.Brightway could supply the BWVP750 and BWVP500 model of Solids Vacuum Pump.

Tags: Solids Vacuum Pump Solids Transfer Pump Sludge Vacuum Pump

BWLS1600 Vertical Cutting Dryer
Vertical Cutting Dryer

BWLS1600 Vertical G Cutting Dryer and BWLS800 Vertical Cuttings Dryer in drilling waste management. 

Tags: Vertical G Cuttings Dryer vertical cuttings dryer manufacturer Drill Cuttings Dryer

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