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One set Cutting Dryer System shipment to Inner Mongoli


After many times successful test, Brightway one set Cutting Dryer System,design and manufacture as customer requirement,is shipping to InnerMongoli.


One set Cutting Dryer System shipment to Inner Mongoli


As the professional manufacturer of Drilling Waste Management, Brightway has extended its business all over the world.With years of experience in production, Brightway products are generally recognized and praised by users at home and abroad.

Brightway’s Cutting Dryer System New Features:

This type of Cutting Dryer System with the rated capacity of 40m³, holds the maximal processing capacity of 50m³per hour, to meet the demand of managing the drilling waste as well as realize the same result when processing both oil-based and water-based drilling mud.


Brightway Drilling Waste Management tested successfully

Brightway  Cutting Dryer System tested successfully

the management result of Water-based Mud

the management result of Water-based Mud


The Cutting Dryer System Details as follow:

One set BWGZS-4P Drying Shaker

One set BWLS1600 Vertical Cutting Dryer

One set BWLW Decanter Centrifuge

One set BWSB Centrifuge Pump


Centrifuge- pump-and-Shale-Shaker

BWGZS-4P Drying Shaker and BWSB Centrifuge Pump

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