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Brightway will attend 13th MIOGE Exhibition in MIOGE 2015 Russia


The 13th Biennial Moscow International Oil & Gas (MIOGE) Exhibition will be hold in Moscow Russia in June 23th -June 26th 2015. Brightway will attend the Exhibition and show latest research achievements of Solids Control System We will have you there at F107 China Pavilion to witness the historic time together.


2015 Brightway 13th biennial Moscow International Oil & Gas (MIOGE) Exhibition


MIOGE is the world second largest exhibition,which held once two years by ITE group of Britain.   The Exhibition provides a senior-level platform for manufactures in oil and gas industry to show the latest technology or equipments of this field.

Since First time held in 1989, MIOGE was supported by the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Energy of CIS countries. MIOGE has become the one of the largest oil and gas exhibitions in East Europe, even the whole Europe.


Brightway (MIOGE) Exhibition 2015


Brightway will show products advantages in three perspectives.

Pertinence: The performance and features of different equipment for customers from different regions and countries.

Representativeness: The best-selling products in recent two years and equipment appreciated by many customers as well as the highest technology will be presented.

Unique: If you want to know more about Brightway, come to MIOGE!

Brightway is striving for well designing layout of booth , choosing the best products for show and making the way to give our customers best satisfaction. Stay tuned!

Brightway Exhibition Information in MIOGE 2015

Address: Moscow Russia

Time: June 23-26, 2015

Booth No: F107  China Pavilion 

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