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Brightway customized Drum Screen Shipped to Tianjin Port


This Monday, Brightway new type Drum Screen has been shipped to Tianjin Port. As the customers requirement, this Drum Screen applied to oil drilling field functions to separate viscous large solid particles from drilling waste.

 Brightway Drum Screen Shipped to Tianjin Port

Drum Screen is also called  Drum Shale Shaker.It is one of the Shale Shaker and widely used for oil drilling industry.Compared with traditional screen,This Drum Screen adopts the new advanced production technology effectively cope with the problem of screen plugging, when processing the wet and large material. Besides the  Drum Screen can reduce content of viscous large solid particles and greatly improve waste management efficiency.


Brightway Drum Screen


Brightway Drum Screen advantages as follow:

1.Fit for processing solids in different phases, especially in the field of oil drilling, with surperb economic efficiency and work efficiency.
2.Simple installation, convenient maintenance, easy operation.
3.Small installation angle, not easy to jam and obvious economic benefits.
4.High reliability, long service life, small occupied space, low noise and less dust pollution.
5.Smooth operation, high screening efficiency and great processing power.

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