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Brightway office formally established in Moscow


On July 8th,Brightway office formally was established in Moscow,Russia.As an important oil producing and export country,Russia is the major market of exporting oil equipment of for Brightway.In order to develop and maintain Russian and Central Asian markets,and achieve global marketing network,international development,Brightway established the office after 3 months of preparation.

Founding the office will contribute to solve the problems such as insufficient service of the market.For Brightway,It is a historical step to internationalization and lay a good foundation for the market in the future.Additionally,The branch office and warehouse department in America also is being planned and will formally establish in the near future.

Facing to sharply competitive market,Brightway adhere to the principle of "Good Attitude, Active Action, Bright Future" .
and be ready for the challenges.

Please do not hesitate to contact us,If there is anything related to our products you need to help in Russia.We will provide you with the best warm and thoughtful service.

Office Address:  109544,Г.Москва,ул.Вековая,д.21,стр.1,офис 213

Contact Number:

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