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Brightway One Set Cuttings Dryer Sent to Destination


Yesterday,Brightway one set Cuttings Dryer was sent to destination. It will be match with Drilling waste Management,which is also called Drilling waste treatment system and composed of Shale Shaker,Mud Cleaner,Decanter Centrifuge,Cuttings Dryer,Sand Pump.

The Cuttings Dryer Sent to Destination

The Cuttings Dryer has one built-in high - speed centrifugal rotarycan and  the speed is up to 900rpm. It can separate liquid from drill cuttings efficiently and achieve drilling fluids treatment of water-based and oil-based effectively.(oil content<3%,water content<10%)

Brightway V Cuttings Dryer

Performance and quality of Cuttings Dryer is the key to solve the problem of the drilling waste pollution. Brightway Cuttings Dryer has the ultra strong separation ability,the drill cuttings are extremely dry after treatment.The equipment is favored by the new and old customers all over the world.

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