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Thousands of Brightway Shaker Screen Shipped to North Africa


After long-term discussion and factory inspection, North Africa customer finally placed the order of shaker screens on Brightway. Through one month’s production, the shaker screens are delivered by last week.

Brightway Shaker Screen Shipped to North Africa

Mi-Swaco Mongoose composite shaker screen(585*1165mm), Derrick FLC500 PMD shaker screen(695*1050mm), Derrick FLC500 PWP shaker screen(695*1050mm), Derrick FLC2000 PMD shaker screen(697*1053mm) and Derrick FLC2000 PWP shaker screen(697*1053mm). They are all for oil drilling as spare parts of shale shakers for local drilling company.

brightway Shaker Screen Shipped to UAE
Derrick FLC PMD shaker screen

Brightway shaker screens, as vulnerable parts for shale shaker, have the features as bellow:

1.Mi-Swaco Mongoose shaker screen adopts composite material, which has a long life span(450 hours) under normal working conditions (mud density 1.2g/cm³ and viscosity 45s). Besides, it can be interchanged with original Mi-Swaco’s due to the same size.
2.Derrick FLC PMD shaker screen has greater capacity because of greater filter screen compared with other shaker screens. And the way of installation can be either hook type or wedge clamp, easy for maintenance.
3.Derrick FLC PWP shaker screen is the integration of screen cloth and metal plates with holes, which has a better conductivity of mud. What’s more, between the screen cloth and metal plate, it adopts the strengthened anti-corrosion binder, leading to a longer service life.
Brightway, as the professional and responsible manufacturer in solids control, will always in pursuit of providing customer with qualified products and humanized service. And Brightway will always welcome customer from all over the world to develop the market by joint effort.

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