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Common Faults and Maintenance of Drilling Fluid Centrifuge


Drilling fluid centrifuge can separate solids from the drilling suspension using the principle of centrifugal sedimentation. It is also called Decanting Centrifuge widely used in field of petroleum, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, and environmental protection and other. Drilling Fluid Centrifuge is the core equipments of the mud purification system in oil drilling.It has an important role to protect the drills and speed up the drilling speed. 

With the improvement of drilling technology.The performance of drilling fluid centrifuge has also been greatly improved.Common maintenance and servicing of drilling liquid centrifuges are more and more importance to the manufacturers and consumers.

Common faults and maintenance of drilling fluid Centrifuge Method is as follows :
1.Unreasonable installation location.

Root cause:Sets the position of the drilling fluid centrifuge is not reasonable.
Maintenance method:Drilling fluid centrifuge should be firmly installed in the location of the drilling pump inlet in the distance.To ensure that the recycled liquid can be fully stir and guarantee sand trough can extend outside the tank.connect water supply line in the sand tank to ensure a smooth sand,and then adjust the horizontal position of the drilling fluid centrifuge.

2.Excessive vibration
Root cause:Non-uniform charging,Bearing failure,Bolt looseness of Explosion-Proof Motor,Damping spring broken,Drum balance destructed.
Maintenance method:Downtime maintenance,Replace bearings,anchor bolts,damping spring.

3.Abnormal noise
Root cause:Transmission parts loose,Bearing broken.

Maintenance method:Tighten the transmission parts,Check and replace the bearing.

In addition, field staff must maintained Centrifuge regularly.Do the above several points,the failure rate of drilling liquid centrifuges will be  reduced greatly.

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