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Brightway Cutting Dryer System turned


Recently,It is reported that No.50018 drilling team from Changcheng Drilling Company,has turned "waste" into "wealth" by Cutting Dryer System of Brightway. Indeed,the system  has achieved recycling of the resource and received recognition and praise by customers.



In Drilling Site,Brightway Cutting Dryer System is working efficiently.this system includs Drying Shaker, Cutting Dryer and other Mud Tank.The whole process of drilling waster is not founded mud on the ground.


This Cutting Dryer System applied by this company is producted by Brightway independently. It can overwhelmingly recycle the drilling waste;the system can control the index of drilling mud performance by fully purifying the drilling waste, which helps to avoid drill-jamming accident and improve the quality of pole-forming. The processed drilling waste can be recycled, mud making materials saved and costs decreased.


Brightway Cutting Dryer System turned waste into wealth in Drilling Site


Formerly,The giant mud pit was widely used for collecting  drilling mud and rock waste with taking more risk and occupying land source. But,after applying the Cutting Dryer System, there is no need for mud pit which the mud tank holds drilling mud, drilling fluid and rock waste to recycle.


According to the statistics, this system can save about 300 m3 water. Recycling the drilling mud not only save the fees for shipping waster, but also save the fees for processing waste water and usage of mud materials.



Applied at oil drilling site, the system effectively eliminates the toxic materials in drilling waste and its processing result gets to the required standard.Solids processed by Cutting Dryer System only contains 6% water.


In 50018 drilling site,Rock waste from drilling well will be dried up and divided directly by Cutting Dryer System. The processed rock waste is easy to collected and transferred, and it can also be turned into bricks which will be sold to brick industry or for other purpose. 


The Cutting Dryer System and brick making equipment with high-degree automation just cover a small area. It is operated only by four to five people, and the speed of making bricks can correspond with the processing speed of Drilling Waste Treatment. Note that Brigthway will present this system in Mioge 2015.

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