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Analysis of Environmental Pollution From HDD Mud


The construction of HDD will produce large amounts of slurry and mud.These mud will have a serious impact on the surrounding environment. 

The mud detriment from HDD as follow:
1.The waste mud fom HDD can cause the pollution of surface water and groundwater resources. and then it will affect the lives of local residents with water.
2.The waste mud fom HDD can cause soil compaction.then,the plant will not grow properly.
3.Some chemical additives from waste mud can affect growth and development of aquatic animal and birds.
4.the harmful ingredient will remain in  body of the plant, and then ,It enter the food chain easily and endanger people's health.

brightway HDD mud system

Based on these above,Mud Harmless treatment will have great significant 
for protection of the surrounding environment. Mud recycling system is the important equipment of Mud Harmless treatment.It is the matching equipment for HDD and can achieve treatment and recovery of mud effectively.It is foreseeable that the equipment will be used widely in the future.

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