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One set Mud Treatment System Sent to Singapore


On September 16th, Brightway one set customized Mud Treatment System was sent to Singapore.The system will be matched the Rotary Drilling Machine and used in the field of Building Piling Project.

Mud Treatment System Sent to Singapore

The Mud Treatment System is compose of BWZS104 shale shaker,BWZS104-1S Desander Machine,BWSB6×5-11 Centrifuge Pump.System Features: Small footprint,Abrasion resistant,Easy To Clean,Long Service Life,Lower Cost.

BWZS104-1S Desander Machine

BWZS104-1S Desander Machine

Mud Treatment System is also called Mud Recycling System or Mud Recovery System.It is the essential matching equipment for drilling machine.As a professional supplier of mud recycling equipment and integrated system in China,Brightway Mud Treatment System is used widely in field of Oil&Gas Drilling,Coal Bed Methane Drilling,Horizontal Directional Drilling,Mining drilling,TBM,Piling Project,Channel Cleanout.

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