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Company news

late-model Drilling Mud Cooler for Drilling Fluid


Recently, A late-model  drilling mud cooler of Brightway has completed various production indicators and is ready to be delivered to customers.

The late-model  drilling mud cooler is the latest patented product of Brightway. Its structure consists of three large air cooling devices, water cooling devices, compression cooling devices, a 75KW slurry pump, and explosion-proof electrical control, with a design processing capacity of 150m ³/ h. This equipment is mainly designed for deep and complex wells, and is an effective solution to the rapid cooling of drilling fluid. It can achieve high-temperature and high-pressure wells, and effectively cool the mud by 30-55 degrees Celsius.

drilling mud cooler

Compared to the first generation drilling mud cooler, the new drilling mud cooler has been upgraded in terms of equipment composition and cooling method. The air cooling adopts a high-power air cooler, the area of the water cooling device is further increased, and a compression cooling link is added. The cooling effect has been significantly improved compared to the previous generation.

drilling mud cooler shipped

For complex drilling projects such as high temperature and high pressure wells and deep wells, Brightway is committed to the research, development and application of drilling fluid cooling and drilling mud cooler. For more equipment and technical problems related to drilling fluid cooling in drilling projects, please email us at brightway@bwwell.com. Our engineers will serve you wholeheartedly.

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