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Company news

Solids Control System (ZJ90) Is Put Into Operation


Brightway developed three ZJ90/6750DB solid control systems that have been completed all assembling adjustments. The first one has been put into operation formaly. 

This system, is made up of six BWZS104G high frequency shale shaker, one BWZCQ270 vacuum degasser, one BWZJ104-3S16N mud cleaner, one mid-speed centrifuge, one centrifuge with high speed and altering frequency, 16 Arc bottom mud container jet mud operational system, lifting equipment and related devices, anti-explosion electric control system and oil water tank. 

solid control systems

The system design satisfies handling with HSE and H2S, supports five levels solid control and requirements of four levels clearance. Also, it is configured multi-levels centrifugal mixing with medicine, and achieves 360 degrees unloading of material bags. The set system’s design is suitable to low temperature environment and warm keeping using condition. Because of special construction design, it can protect workers from workload by saving time and efforts within the whole construction procedure, which is an advanced system in the area of deep well drilling construction. 

Within the block of energy detection, Brightway have developed and manufactured various typed drilling solid control system for different countries and areas 11 years. 

solid control systems

Currently, it has been transferred to customers successfully. And it can put into operation for test in oil field of Tarim, China. This represents oil equipment manufacturing in China, which achieve the top one in the world. It is truly satisfy invention and technology researching sustainably, which can achieve target of leading the world. Welcome all customers and friends to contact us for consult and communication. We would like to serve you for any questions! Please visit us for the details through: brightway@bwwell.com.

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