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Two Sets of Drilling Cuttings Dryers Shipped to Customer


Recently, after several days of intense production, the batch of several drilling cuttings dryers of Brightway passed various production quality inspection and commissioning procedures, officially rolled off the production line, and was sent to a large oilfield drilling site.

This project is at the beginning of this year. After a rigorous inspection and comparison of a number of solid control equipment manufacturers, a large Chinese drilling company finally chose to cooperate with Brightway. The two sides signed a number of contracts. This batch of drilling cuttings dryers are the third batch of the project. The first and second batches have been delivered to customers on schedule in November and February respectively. The production of drilling cuttings dryers has been done in recent days. Delivery to customers will be later this month. Many subsequent equipment are still in the process production at Brightway, and it is expected that they will all be done by next month.

In this cooperation, the customer attaches great importance to product quality, and put forward a series of high standards and high requirements in the design, configuration and production. Brightway also relies on years of mature production experience in solids control equipment and a complete production management system. Complete the production task of this project in strict accordance with customer requirements and standards. In order to meet the power requirements, the entire batch of drilling cuttings dryers have also been fully upgraded.

After years of production and application experience, Brightway has formed a production process with relatively complete specifications and categories. It has high production efficiency, sophisticated production technology, strict quality control, short delivery time, and excellent after-sales service. It has become a domestic advantage. Reliable and trusted partner of foreign large drilling companies. At present, Brightway can produce various specifications of mud vibrating screens, including high-frequency mud vibrating screens, variable frequency vibrating screens, dry mud vibrating screens, double-deck vibrating screens, double vibrating screens, triple vibrating screens, etc., which are widely used in petroleum drilling mud solids control, trenchless horizontal directional drilling mud treatment, river dredging sludge screening, municipal construction sewage treatment and other fields. In addition, we can also customize equipment of different specifications according to customer requirements. Please feel free to contact us at: 400-0291985!

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