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Company news

The Second ZJ90 (3000HP) Solids Control System for Xinjiang Project


The second set of ZJ90 solids control system of Brightway has been officially put into operation at the Xinjiang Oilfield site.  This set of solids control system is the second system in the three sets of 9000-meter ultra-deep well solids control system cooperation project signed between Brightway and Xinjiang Tarim Oilfield last year.

solids control system

Brightway has conducted detailed research and optimization and improvement based on the problems of the current ultra-deep well solids control system, existing in the supporting system of the 5000m and 7000m solids control system at home and abroad in recent years, such as unreasonable system layout, insufficient capacity of mud tank, too long pipeline, too low pump efficiency, poor mud fluidity, and the inability to meet the requirements of the weighting system when the weighting system is added.  This set of ZJ90 solids control system has been designed and developed.

The ZJ90 solids control system consists of six BWZS104G high-frequency shale shakers, one BWZCQ270 vacuum degasser, one BWZJ104-3S16N mud cleaner, one medium-speed decanter centrifuge, one high-speed variable-frequency decanter centrifuge, and 16 drilling mud mixing systems with arc-bottom mud tank box.  The ton bag lifting device and related equipment, as well as the explosion-proof electrical control system and oil and water tanks are also included. Among them, the mud tank adopts the optimal design scheme of arc bottom and drilling fluid tank.  This tank bottom is beneficial to prevent sand settling, make the agitator stirring more fully, reduce the dead space of the tank, and facilitate sand cleaning. 

solid control systems

At the same time, it improves the effective volume of the drilling fluid tank and is also beneficial to the arrangement and hauling of external pipelines. With sufficient reserve capacity under the condition of ensuring the configuration of conventional circulation system, the drilling fluid in the tank has the ability to participate in circulation at any time or meet the requirements of well killing. The design of this solids control system complies with the drilling rig layout, overall design requirements and standard drilling fluid treatment process flow. It can well meet the special requirements of solids control system for drilling in ultra-deep wells of 9000m in Xinjiang region.

Brightway has a mature solids control system solution for ultra-deep well drilling projects above 9000 meters, which can meet the special requirements of ultra-deep wells for solids control systems. It can design and manufacture solids control systems for ultra-deep drilling from 10000 meters to 12000 meters. For more information about ultra-deep well solids control system solutions, please email us at brightway@bwwell.com.

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