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The New Policy, New Development Opportunities of Brightway


Recently, the State issued a series of stringent environmental standards in aspects of air pollution emissions, municipal wastewater treatment, oil drilling. The next few years, environmental equipment machinery  will become one of the major growing point in machinery and equipment manufacturing industry.

Brigthway Drilling-Waste-Management in workshop


According to the national standard,Brightway independently designed and manufactrued the Drilling Waste Management System in the oil drilling industry.This sytem is composed of Drying Shaker, Vertical Cutting Dryer, Decanter Centrifuge.The results of drilling waste treatment have reached the environmental standards established by the State.Wastewater and Drilling waste can be recycled. At the well site, the System can radically reduce the environmental pollution without the construction of drilling mud pools.


-Brigthway Vertical-Cutting-Dryer


For the first half year,Brightway has sold out several sets of driling waste management system to domestic oilfields, including Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Jiangsu.Each well is expected to treat driling waste about 1000-2000m³ and Save 3 acres of land. Brightway will seize the favorable opportunity and continue to focus on the development and manufactruing of green environmental equipments.


-Brightway Decanter-Centrifuge


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