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Brigthway Cutting Dryer Will Be Sent to the Destination


Today, Brigthway Cutting Dryer for our customers has been well assembled and will be sent to the destination after the one shipped to South Africa last time.

Brightway cutting dryer system

Brigthway Cutting Dryer adopted Italian Technology is only one Equipment of Drilling Waste Management in Oil Drilling,which can process both the oil-based mud and water-based mud.  it is not necessary to change any equipment, if converting the oil-based mud to water-based mud.

Brightway BWLS1600 Vertical Cutting Dryer


Brigthway Cutting Dryer Features:

1.Contracted but not simple appearance, Powerful processing capability.
2.Humanized Operation UI, Appropriate Layout.
3.Function Formidable, Strong adaptability.
4.High-degree Automation, Easy to operate and maintain.

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