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Company news

Shipment of Multistage Automatic Dredge Dewatering System


After more than two months working agaainst clock, brightway witnessed that two sets of multistage automatic Dredge Dewatering System with capactity 300m3 were commisioned succefully on 2nd of junnaury ,2017.The system  is designed and manufactured for the field of river dredging dewatering. and it can acheive separation control and recovery step by step.

Multistage Automatic Solids Control System

The Multistage Automatic Dredge Dewatering system is composed of four BWZS104 shale shaker, one set of cyclone desander and other centrifugal pumps. All equipment adapt famous brands domestic and international. These equipment can be fitted up freely according to the need of site. And it can meet requirement of different treatments. The system is integrated with PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) device and reduces human cost greatly. the Multistage Automatic Dredge Dewatering System max capacity is up to 300m3/h and can separate coarse sand, fine sand from river mud effectively.

Multistage Automatic Dredge Dewatering System of The River Dredging

shipment of Multistage Automatic Dredge Dewatering System

In the field of river channel dredging, Brightway accumulated a lot of successful cases and more operating experience. Considering the big mud content and difficult environmental management in the proccess of river dredging, Brightway is aimed to design and research a integration solution in order to save a lot of cost for customer. At present, According to the working condition of river silt the customer provided, Brightway can design and configurate different modelMultistage Automatic Dredge Dewatering System to meet requirements of different customers, including BWQY-120 (120m3), BWQY-240(240m3), BWQY-300(300m3),  BWQY-450(450m3), BWQY-600(600m3). 

Know more about Dredge Dewatering System or Case, please visit the URL: http://www.brightwaysolids.com/Dredge-Slurry-Dewatering-System_p68.html


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