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Company news

Shipment of 120m³ Slurry Separation Plant


 Brightway three sets of slurry separation plant has completed and would be sent to Malaysia On January 16. the slurry separation plant is  designed and manufactured for the old customer and the capacity is up to 120m³/h. The slurry separation plant will be applied to the shield tunneling projects for sludge treatment.

Shipment of 120m³ Slurry Separation Plant

The slurry separation plant is composed of coarse shale shaker, desander, desilter, pumps and other auxiliary equipment. the capacity is up to 120m³/h. It can meet the needs of mud in micro tunneling construction.  The customer is very satisfied with equipment production and humanized design.

 120m³ Slurry Separation Plant

In field of tunneling, construction pile and river dredging, Brightway can manufacture different capacity slurry separation plant for matching different diameter pipe jacking machine, such as 120m³,150m³,180m³,220m³,250m³、300m³、500m³、1000m³ slurry separation plant. Welcome to visit Brightway factory to discuss cooperation!

slurry separation plant  http://www.brightwaysolids.com/Slurry-Separation-Plant_d10

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