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Mud-water Separation System Play an Important Role in TBM Construction


Mud-water Separation System is the essential equipment in TBM Construction.TBM Tunnel Boring Machine is abbreviation of TBM,which is widely used in construction of Subway.With the development of shield technology,Mud-water Separation System play an important role in TBM Construction.

In modern society,We must pay attention to aspects of environmental protection in the Design of Mud-water Separation System.Brightway Mud-water Separation System is designed and manufactured accrording on previous construction experience  and high standard of rationalization proposals made by the customer at home and abroad.It is composed of shale shaker device,hydrocyclone device and can separate particles of 15 microns from mud.

Meanwhile,This system can be adjusted flexibly according to different topographic conditions,easy to operate and reduces the amount of mud preparation and engineering costs.

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