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Brightway 200GPM Mud Recovery System Sent To Australia


Yestoday, After installation and debugging, One set 200GPM Mud Recovery System was sent to Australia.it will used for Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig.


200GPM Mud Recovery System Sent To Australia

The Mud   System is composed of BWZJ series Mud Cleaner,BWSB Centrifugal Pump,BWSL Jet Mud Mixer,Customized Mud Tank.The mud control equipments adopt technique of the hot - Dip galvanizing process and high-pressure airless sprayingresistant,which can improve the wear resistance and corrosion of equipments surface.


Brightway 300GPM Mud Recovery System

Brightway 200GPM Mud Recovery System

The 200GPM Mud Recovery System is designed and manufactured as Australia customers requirements.Compact structure,Strong processing ability, walkway and fence adopt on the foldable design.Meanwhile,This System is a product of high performance to price ratio, which can realize multifunctional mud recycling, such as mud recovery, mud mixing, mud storage and so on.


Rear View of Brightway Mud Recovery System

Rear View of Brightway  Mud Recovery System

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