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Company news

Mud Tanks Shipped to UAE Customers


In the solid control system industry, the mud tank is also called a mud mixing tank or a mud storage tank. It is mainly used in oil drilling, HDD, and other engineering fields. The mud tank and the mud mixing circulation system are the necessary equipment for storing drilling mud.

Brightway mud tank to be shipped

Recently, the mud tanks produced by Brightway for UAE customers is about to be delivered to customers. This consists of 6 sets of mud tanks with basic equipment such as agitators, mud mixing equipment and electric control. It can be matched with oilfield solids control equipment as a solids control system.

Brightway mud tank on the way

The technical characteristics and advantages of Brightway mud tank: it can be customized and designed according to customer requirements; the material selection is based on the external environment, and high-quality steel is selected; the mud tank is welded with steel plates and profiles Pressure test; the mud tank has manholes and ladders, which is convenient for staff to operate; the connection between the tank and the tank adopts the accessories of domestic ISO certified manufacturers, and the quality is reliable; the spray paint of the tank adopts high anti-corrosion, high wear-resistant paint, corrosion-resistant grade High and long service life.

Brightway mud tank being shipped to customer

Brightway can design and manufacture vertical and horizontal mud tanks, water tanks, oil tanks and integrated drilling mud systems and solid control systems according to API & ISO standards. For more product information about drilling mud solids control system, mud mixing system and other equipment, please email us at brightway@bwwell.com.

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