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Brightway Shows in the 46th America OTC 2015


The 46th America OTC 2015 opened in Reliant Park Houston, TX, USA,on May 4th, 2015. Brightway Shows in the Booth No.9241-50,China Pavilion,Arena. Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) is the largest International Oil & Gas Equipment Exhibition in the World.The exhibition was established in 1969 and Located in Houston ( Reliant Center ).Every year,The conference  brings many international excellent suppliers of petroleum and petrochemical technology as well as equipment together, and the buyers from more than 140 countries and regions to negotiate there.


Brightway Shows in the 46th America OTC 2015


As the famous and professional Solids Control Solution Manufacturers and Suppliers in oil and gas industries of China,Brightway will take this opportunity to display innovation achievements applied in Oil Drilling, Micro-tunneling Solids Control System, HDD Solids Control System, Drilling Waste Management.


Brightway Shows in 9241-50,China Pavilion,Arena


Brightway will present various product applications, technical exchanges, and the latest product information for the attendees by way of holding series of activities to strength international communication and cooperation, and pave the way to open up foreign markets.
We are located in Booth No.9241-50,China Pavilion,Arena. Welcome to visit.



Time:       May 04-07, 2015
Address: Reliant Park Houston, TX, USA

Booth No: 9241-50,China Pavilion,Arena


Brightway Booth in OTC 2015

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