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Brightway Environmental Technology become spotlight in 2015 OTC


The 46th OTC is being held in Houston as the world's famous petroleum technology conference. The top petroleum and petrochemical equipment companies from more than 40 countries and regions are showing up now.


The 46th OTC is being held in Houston


During the OTC exhibition, Brightway is exhibiting the latest Environmental equipment and technology and showing the company culture in different languages , which is became in the spotlight of China Pavilion.


Brightway gain the favourable comment


By showing environmental technology in oilfield drilling waste management, Brightway gain the favourable comment and approval from many foreign customers.  They are also willing to place an order from us and speak highly of China's machinery manufacturing company and give the recognition of solids control equipment.

Brightway Booth in OTC 2015


Brightway will strenuously manufacture solids control equipment and system with high performance in the way of pursuing best customer satisfaction, and devote to create superb oil equipment brand in China.

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