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Brightway Seminar: Harmless Treatment of Drilling Waste


In order to improve the overall technical and staffs expertise level,Brightway invited Dr Zhang studying in Canada to come and give a special training for stuffs about "Harmless Treatment of Drilling Waste"On July, 10th.  Technical Department, Marketing Department, Business Department, QC department, more than 10 staffs attended this seminar.


Brightway Seminar of Harmless Treatment of Drilling Waste

Firstly,Dr Zhang introduced the details about the definition of Harmless Treatment of Drilling Waste and the present situation of Harmless Treatment at home and abroad.Then,as an example of Brightway drilling waste treatment system, Dr Zhang focuses on drilling waste mangement application in the field of harmless treatment.Finally,Dr Zhang explained in detail about the trends and prospects of Harmless Treatment of Drilling Waste and the main difficulty we faced at present.

Brightway Special training of Harmless Treatment of Drilling Waste


Since the beginning of this year, Brightway has organized a number of training in order to enhance employee skills. During this training,the staffs and Dr Zhang maintained good interaction and obtained good results.

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