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Brightway Intelligent Solid Control System has been delivered


Yestoday,Brightway Intelligent Solid Control System will be sent to destination of customer.This system, by introducing the technology of Computer Remote Control, is researched and developed on the basis of the original solid control system control. It is the advanced and user-friendly Solid Control System.


Intelligent Solid Control System has been delivered Intelligent Solid Control System


The system can realize remote control integrated equipments of solids control effectively,such as shale shaker,mud cleaner,desander,desilter,sand pump,mud agitator.It can monitor the whole process of equipment operation and mud treating in real time.Successful application of the Intelligent Solid Control System will reduce labor costs and improve work efficiency greatly. It is the new technological innovation.This is an effective way which protect the mud purification devices to operate more efficiently.


Solid Control System remoted control By PC PC remote control System
Solid Control System remoted control By PC


As the Professional manufacturer and supplier of Solid Control System , Brightway has always been taken the technological innovation upgrading as the core competitiveness of enterprises.Brightway has mature technical capacity and rich experience in production.Quality and performance of Product is reliable.According request of customer,Brightway always insists on strict quality principle and can provide the best optimal solutions and equipments of drilling waste management.Welcome customers at home and abroad to visit Brightway and discuss cooperation.

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