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Company news

Brightway Expanding the International Market of Drilling Waste Mangement


As of July 13,Brightway Drilling Waste Mangement has been exported to more than 4O countries and regions.The Equipment  is operating normally and do not occur trouble. Depend on excellent product quality,Brightway has been recognized by the international market.


Brightway Expanding the International Market of Drilling Waste Mangement

Since the beginning of the year,Facing adverse situation of sluggish market demand of oil equipment, Brightway upgrad product quality continuously and expand overseas markets actively and vigorously .At present,5 set Drilling Waste Mangement systems is in production,3 sets of these systems will be sent to customers next week.


Drilling Waste Mangement in brightway workshop

Drilling Waste Mangement is desinged and manufactured independently by Brightway.It is adopted international advanced technology.The treatment result of water-base mud and oil-based mud is fairly good. Know More Details about Drilling waste mangement system : http://www.brightwaysolids.com/Drilling-Waste-Management_p63.html

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