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Brightway 800GPM Dewatering Plant for gold mining industry to South-Africa


After getting more and more achievements in oil/gas drilling, HDD, CBM, Micro-tunneling industry, Brightway has been expanding the business in mining industry including coal mining, gold mining and others.
Last week, we got the order from client who has active gold mining business in Africa. To achieve the aim of dewatering the gold mineral, Brightway designed a portable, practical and functional dewatering plant for client.
Main Equipment of 800GPM Dewatering Plant
2 Unit Shale Shaker, Model BWZS103K
1 Unit Desander, Model BWCSQ2S, with 2x10” Cyclones Cluster
1 Unit Desilter, Model BWCNQ12N, with 12x4” Cyclones Cluster
2 Unit Gravel Pump

Brightway Shale shaker BWZS103K


Shale shaker with Polyurethane screens


Brigthway polyurethane shaker screen


Polyurathane screen


Brightway Desander BWCSQ2S


Brightway Desander BWCSQ2S


Brightway Desilter BWCNQ12N


Brightway Desilter BWCNQ12N


Brightway Gravel Pump


Brightway Gravel Pump

In mining industry, the solid phrases are generally bigger than oil/gas drilling industry, for example 15mm or bigger. Brightway has developed dewatering equipment especially for mining industry. For example, the BWZS103K shale shaker can be used to separate water with big solids and the working life of our polyurethane shaker screens can be 6 month or even 12 month. And the gravel pump can process water with very big solids like 50mm diameter.

The instance of Brightway’s research and development helps us provide much customized system solutions for clients in different industries with various demand.

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