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Company news

Brightway 5 Sets Cuttings Dryer Will Be Sent To Siberia


Recently,5 Sets Cuttings Dryer, which is designed and manufactured for one drilling company of Russia,are to be completed and will be sent to Siberia. After purchasing two sets of drilling waste management system,This type Cuttings Dryer is the second cooperation between customer and Brightway.the customers was very pleased with product quality and performance.

Brightway 5 Sets Cuttings Dryer Will Be Sent To Siberia

As one of the company's best-selling product,Brightway Cuttings Dryer can process large quantities of Drilling waste quickly and reduced to less than 3 of drilling waste OOC.Meanwhile,Cuttings Dryer can recover the mud omitted by shale shaker and clogging of shaker screen. It is the best drilling cuttings drying equipment at home.

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