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250GPM HDD Mud Recovery System Delivered To Customer


On January 15, Brightway one set 250GPM HDD mud recovery system was officially delivered to a country in Southeast Asia.

The HDD mud recovery system is used to solve the mud treatment problem of the underground sewage pipe network project for the customer. According to the customer's construction site conditions, Brightway designed and customized this 250GPM HDD mud recovery system for customers. The system adopts the integrated double deck screen machine to meet the user's on-site mud treatment needs and reduce investment in other equipment, save construction cost. After operation, the capacity of system is up to 50-60 cubic meters per hour.


250GPM HDD Mud Recovery System Delivered To Customer


Brightway has worked with this customer many times, Customers have always recognized and trusted the mud treatment solutions and systems in the HDD drilling field of Brightway. At present, the system is expected to arrive at the customer's construction site at the end of next month for installation and operation.


250GPM HDD Mud Recovery System

In the field of trenchless construction, as a provider of integrated mud solutions, Brightway can provide customized mud solutions for pipe network construction, underground cable laying, municipal sewage renovation and other projects in current municipal projects. A set of customized mud system scheme for one project site can save the construction cost and improve the engineering efficiency for customers.

Know more: https://www.brightwaysolids.com/Mud-Recycling-System_d12

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