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Oil Drilling Solids Control System

ZJ50LDB Solids Control System for Italy Hydraulic Drilling Rig in Russia

ZJ50LDB Solids Control System in Russia Train Track Design, Matching with the Italy Hydraulic Drilling Rig. Working in Polar Low Temperature Environment-Siberia.
The mechanical mud system is with spotlight for the compact heating manifold design which saves a lot of assembly and disassembly for the cluster well drilling on the train track, for the standard and efficient design of the winterization frame, for all the material to meet the low temperature requirements, for the well organized layout of all the manifolds and the equipments as below:
3 sets of shale shaker
1 set mud cleaner
1 set vacuum degasser
1 middle speed decanter centrifuge
1 high speed decanter centrifuge
23 sets mud agitator
4 sets of centrifugal pump
20 sets of heater

Brightway ZJ50LDB solids control system

 service team on site ZJ50LDB Solids Control System in Russia

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