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ZJ50 drilling Solid Control System Sent to Ukraine


Recently,  Brightway one set solids control system for ZJ50 drilling rig has been sent to the customer's factory, a domestic drilling company. The assembly and commissioning of the system were successfully completed on September 18. The mud solid control system is supported by the drilling company for their foreign customers, and will be sent to  Ukraine.

The ZJ50 drilling solid control system includes: two units BWZS103 drilling mud shakers, one unitBWZJ103-2s12n mud cleaner, one unit BWZCQ270 vacuum degassing, BWLW450X842N decanter centrifuge and BWLW450X1250N decanter centrifuge, seven units mud agitator tanks. The system configuration is scientifical and rational according to customer demand. and can meet the need of mud treatment on drilling site.

In the field of oil drilling, As a domestic professional manufacturing company of drilling solid control equipment, Brightway can manufacture the solids control system or equipment for the drilling rig of ZJ70, ZJ50, ZJ40 ,ZJ20 and Trailer mounted solid control system for workover rig of XJ750, XJ550, XJ350. and There are a number of successful application cases at home and abroad. Know more useful information about "Brightway Company and Brightway Solids Control system

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