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We need pay attention to the matter of shale shaker installation


Shale shaker is the first stage solids control equipment.It is mainly used to remove the large particles in drilling fluids. It is also used wildly in the field of Oil drilling, CBM drilling,HDD.

To ensure that unnecessary economic losses because of improper installation, Shale shaker installation should be carried out strictly according with the requirements or instructions of the manufacturer.

Before shale shaker installation,we need pay attention to the matter as follow:

1.When transported for drilling fluid shale shaker,Screen box must be fixed together with the base.It is to prevent damage caused by resonance of shale shaker in the course of transit.

2.At the time of shipment,the box of shale shaker is prohibited other hard heavy,so as not to damage the shale shaker screen surface.
3.At the time of installation, base support should be kept level and firm,to prevent shaker moving or vibrating in the work process. you also should set the operation channel when the shaker is placed.
4.At the time of working,you should install mesh liner strictly in accordance with the request of manufacturer. at the same time,you should adjust the compress tightness degree of mesh liner to avoid affecting the life of the screen, because elasticity is not appropriate.
5.Voltage and frequency must be controled within the scope of the shale shaker.
6.Ensure that the direction of shaker rotation is correct.
7.During Drilling, shaker screens should be flushed,so as not to cause hole plug. 
8.The shale shaker should be maintained once every three months.Open the vibration, cleaning and check the bearings, oil seals, wear serious should be replaced.

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