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Company news

Solids Control Equipment For Russian


Recently, a set of drilling rig solids control equipment of Brightway will be delivered to Russian customers. This batch of solids control equipment includes shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, vacuum degasser, slurry supply pump, shaker screen and other equipment as well as accessories.
The drilling rig solids control equipment is an important part of the drilling fluid circulation system. The solids control equipment delivered to our customer this time is an important part of the solids control system project of the Russian ZJ70 drilling rig. 
Solids Control Equipment For Russian Customers
Among them, the BWZS series high G force shale shaker, can separate high viscosity and high specific gravity mud with reliable quality, and can be widely used in industries and fields such as solids control in oil drilling rig , mud purification in CBM, mud recycling in HDD, mud water separation in Micro-tunneling and pipe ramming, etc. 
The cyclone system of BWNJ series desander desilter adopt polyurethane, which has reliable quality, good separation effect and longer service life. The underflow screening system is characterized by high G vibration force, large screen filtration area and high screening accuracy; BWLW series centrifuge drum is made of 2205 duplex stainless steel by centrifugal casting process; The components of the drum assembly are made of SS316L stainless steel,with long service life, easy to repair and replace.
Solids Control Equipment For Russian Customers
As a manufacturer of solids control equipment and systems, Brightway has a group of teams with rich technical experience, a solid control equipment product system with complete specifications and categories, and provides customized integrated solutions for our customers. The drilling rig solids control equipment and systems produced have been widely used in fields such as oil drilling, HDD engineering, municipal environmental protection, oilfield environmental protection, and exported to many countries and regions. For more information on our solids control equipment and solids control system products, please email us at brightway@bwwell.com.

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