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Hook Strip Flat Shaker Screen

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The Hook Strip Flat Shaker Screen utilize an advanced frame design and unique mesh combinations to effectively and efficiently separate detrimental drilled solids from drilling fluid.
Hook strip flat screens are the series applied most widely at present. These products can be fit for all kinds of shale shakers that use the hook strip flat screen. This screen panel is constructed with two or three stainless steel layers bonded to a steel support plank. Accessory rubber plugs may be inserted to the rips or tears of the screen. By doing this, we can cut down time and the production cost. We can supply hook strip flat screens with mesh sizes ranging from 12 to 275.


Btightway Hook Strip Flat Shaker Screen Advantages



100 mesh


100-200 mesh


200-300 mesh

Dimension (+/- 2mm)



Width:697 mm 

PWP Weight 

4.2 kg

Screen material



2 pcs/outer carton, 10 ctns/wooden box

Brightway  Flat Shaker Screen Advantages


1.Reinforced screen frame design:

1.1 Provides improved energy transfer from the shaker basket to the screen, thus faster solids separation.

1.2 Improves screen life, thereby providing replacement cost savings and downtime minimization.

1.3 Eliminates the need for crown rubbers, which eliminates the cost of replacements.

2.Individual seals around the perimeter of the screen: Eliminates leakages.

3.Patented pin-and-hole screen securing system:

Guarantees that screens fit snugly to the shaker basket and will not slip or slide once secured.

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