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Copyright Notice: Brightway Products Pictures and Videos


Recently,Brightway Solids Control Products Pictures and Videos has been copied and used by some companies without permission. they download products pictures and videos,including Shale Shaker,Vertical Cutting Dryer,Drilling Waste Management,from Brightway website and used them directly on their websites.it has damaged to Brightway product reputation and corporate image.

Brightway remind that the customers all over the world pay more attention in selecting the products and beware of defrauding.If you want to purchase Solids Control Products, Please look for the company logo"Brightway"and buy them directly from Brightway.




1.Brigthway Company Website:

www.brightwaysolids.com       (multi-language)
www.solidscontrolsystem.com  (English)
www.bwsolidscontrol.ru          (Russia)

www.zdgukong.com               (Chinese)

2.Brigthway Contact Information:

Phone:  +86-29-89300061
Fax:      +86-29-89305769
Address:  No.118 Fuyu Road, Yuhua Industrial Zone, Yanta District, Xi’an City, China

E-mail:  brightway@bwsolidscontrol.com


3.Brigthway Logo: Brightway

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