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Brightway successfully passed the BV certification


January 16, 2015, Brightway BV Certification Assessment Meeting was held in Brightway conference room on 1st floor. After 6 months preparation, Brightway surely get the BV certification.


Brightway BV Certification Assessment Meeting Site


BV refers to Bureau Veritas certification, which was founded in 1828 by the French listed companies. Bureau Veritas is the world famous international inspection and certification group. It focus on Products Facilities ( buildings, industrial sites, equipment, ships, etc ) and management system of mandatory or voluntary nature of providing professional examination,Analyze, Audit and Certification services.


Evaluation Report 1

Evaluation Report 2Evaluation Report 3

Brightway strictly control all aspects of Sales and Service, such as: R & D, design, third-party testing, manufacturing, quality inspection, field proven use.  and always adhere to enterprise spirit of Good Attitude,  Active Action,  Bright Future!Obtaining the BV certification, will it provide more information about Brightway Factory Products and Services for domestic and foreign customers,it can be benefit to Development of foreign trade.Customers can understand the company quickly and comprehensively ,Thus to improve communication efficiency,and Enforcing Cooperation. 


Production site

Testing Tools

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