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Brightway ZJ50J solids control system On-site Service


As a professional solids control manufacture,Brightway can provide different kinds of solids control equipments and mud systems, which are widely used in many countries in different industries and fields, such as Oil/ gas drilling, HDD (Horizontal directional drilling), CBM (Coal bed methane) drilling, Tunneling, etc.In recent years,The Brightway solids control equipment and system have been traveling the world,such as ZJ50J solids control system,because of the good quality and best On-site service.

Brightway ZJ50J Solids control system, matched with its own ZJ50J drilling rig, having been used well on work site after Brightway sent the professional engineers to do the on-site service which including assembly, debugging, running and training.The whole BWZJ50J oil and gas drilling system with a reasonable structure (easy for assembly/dis-assembly) was shipped together with the equipped explosion-proof electrical control and other essential accessories to our customer.
As for Brightway ZJ50J solids control system On-site Service, the customer made the below comments:

“Regarding to the product, the craft is beautiful and the quality is good enough while there are only some small issues, for example, more attention should be given to the corner painting.
After sale service engineers are responsible and patient during the whole process of assembles, debugging and training.” 

Brightway ZJ50J Solids control system is designed according to customer’s requirements, the below design picture for your ref: 


Brightway ZJ50J mud system technical drawing design

Brightway ZJ50J mud system technical drawing design

Brighway ZJ50 Mud system in work site

Brighway ZJ50 Mud system in work site

The ZJ50J mud system is mainly composed of the following equipment:
6 set of mud tanks, 9.5×2.8×2.36m;
1 set of hydration tank, 1.2×1.2×1.5m;
1 dog house, 2×1.8×2.5m;
2 sets of shale shaker, BWZS70-3P, 2x2x1.5 KW motor, 3 screens with area of 2.6㎡,famous brand Sino-Italy OLI motor, electrical control with ABB, SCHINEIDER components;
1 set of vacuum degasser, BWZCQ270, main motor power 22kw, the vacuum power 3kw;
1 set of desander, BWCSQ250-2S, 2×1.5KW Explosion-proof Sino-Italy OLI shaker motor, 2×10″desanding cyclones;
1 set of desilter , BWCNQ100-12N , 12×4″desilter cyclones , explosion-proof electrical control.
1 set of decanting centrifuge, BWLWF450x1000N, bowl diameter of 450mm and bowl length of 1000mm, bowl speed of 2200r/max, with 30KW main motor.
1 set of submersible slurry pump for centrifuge, 50BWYZ50-12, 5.5 KW explosion-proof motor.
4 sets of centrifugal pump, BWSB8×6-13J, 4x55KW explosion-proof motor, with anti-corrosion painting, optimized structure and small footprint in design.
1 set of supply pump, BWSB4×3-12J, 11Kw;
13 sets of mud agitator, BWJBQ11, 11x11KW motor,1x.5kw motor and 1x3kw motor, with 3 layers painting treatment;
11 sets of mud gun, BWNJQ50-3, manual rotary type, with nice sealing performance of the nozzle, it can reach a big jet strength.
6 sets of matching fold-able walkway, handrail, manifolds and lightening system are also included.
1 set of explosion proof electrical cabinet (well site solids control system electrical control, which control the equipments motor power below 11kw, the MCC control the equipments motor power which are above 11kw)

13 sets of explosion lighting system and other pipes are also included in the whole system.


 Brightway Mud System Service

Brightway Mud System Service

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