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Micro-tunneling Slurry Separation Plant

250m³/h Slurry Separation Plant for Pipe jacking

The slurry separation plant will be applied to pipe-jacking construction for sewage treatment. The slurry separation plant is composed of double-deck shale shaker with stainless steel shaker screen, A set of combination desand hydrocyclone and desilter hydrocyclone, gravel pumps and other auxiliary equipment. the capacity is up to 250m³/h. 


250m³/h Slurry Separation Plant for Pipe jacking

3D View of Slurry Separation Plant on site

More Information about the 250m³/h Slurry Separation Plant, please visit this page: http://www.brightwaysolids.com/One-set-of-Slurry-Separation-Plant-Shipped-to-Italy_n180

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