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Brightway Solids Control Equipments become spotlight in Mioge 2015


It is reported that more customers from all over the world to visit Brightway Booth F107. Brightway Solids Control Equipments has become spotlight in Mioge 2015.




As one of the largest exhibitions, Mioge provids a platform for attendees all over the world. Always,Brightway tightly grasp every important opportunity of exhibition  to show the produts, which is designed and manufactured by Brightway.




During exhibition in Mioge 2015, Brightway  provide the  customers with constructive suggestions and solutions after learning that they get problems on oil drilling. They well satisfied with our suggestions and they shows greatly expectation for further cooperation with us.Brightway helps customers to solve the problems on oil drilling at site.



Brightway Staffs earns much from experts of oil field during exhibition. At spare time, We visit many professional attendees in oil drilling field, what we have learn from them will help us find more opportunities of developing and marketing.

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