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Company Qualification

Brightway Company Qualification

 2013 IADC Certification  IADC 2015 Certification
 Management System Certification  IADC 2015 Certification

Brightway BV certification Brightway BV certification2
 Brightway BV Certification  BV Supplier Assessment Certification

Company Advantages

1. The mature production and management systems-------Assure to fulfill the order timely

2. Strong R&D Capacity-------Assure to improve manufacturing process and Innovation ability

3. Rich experiences in product design-------Assure to meet customers’ requirements

4. Strict production process and mature quality inspection systems-------Assurance of high quality products

  1 ) For the requirement of production process: strictly according to the requirement of product design and process, assure the agreement of manufacture and design

  2 ) For outsource parts our principle is ‘quality and service first, price second’

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