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Pipe Jacking Construction Characteristics


Pipe jacking method is a non-excavation construction technology which is to push the tool pipe or boring machine from the work pit (starting well) through the soil layer to the receiving pit (reach well) by means of a jacking device. By means of the drilling system installed on the pipe head, cut the soil debris, and the excavated soil will be discharged by unearthed system. When doing the pipe jacking, the cutting and the transportation will be ongoing as well, and the pipe laying is pushed forward section by section. At the same time, the following tool tube or boring machine after the pipeline is buried between the two pits. In the process of jacking, the direction of the pipe laying is adjusted by the correction of the laser guiding system.

Pipe Jacking Working principle

Pipe jacking construction is an underground pipeline construction method developed after tunneling construction. It does not need to excavate surface layer, and it can cross highway, railway, river, ground buildings, underground structures and underground pipelines etc. Pipe jacking construction, with the help of the thrust between the main roof oil cylinder and relay room, pushes the tool pipe or roadheader to cross the soil layer from the working well until it is lifted into the receiving well. At the same time, the pipes by the tool tube or the roadheader are buried between the two wells in order to realize the construction method of the underground pipe laying for non excavation.

 Pipe Jacking Characteristics

1. Trenchless technology does not excavate the ground. Therefore, the upper layer of the pipeline is not disturbed. The pipe ends of the pipeline are not easy to produce segment difference deformation, and the life span of the pipeline is larger than that of the excavation method.
2. Using the non-excavation technology under the room can save a large amount of land expropriation and demolition cost, reduce the moving room and shorten the length of the pipeline, having great economic and social benefits.
3. The noise and vibration produced in the construction are very small, not disturbing the people.
4. When the pipeline is laid under the existing road, it does not affect the traffic.

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