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River Sludge Dewatering System the Best Choice


Up to now, Brightway a series of river sludge dewatering system designed and produced for a customer in shandong province has been running for half a year. At present, the efficiency of dewatering of the equipment has exceeded the original design expectation and has been well received by the construction unit.

 River Sludge Dewatering System the Best Choice

Traditionally, river water dewatering equipment is mainly used in press filter and dewatering centrifuge. Compared with the traditional rive sludge dewatering scheme, The biggest innovation of Brightway river sludge dewatering system is to apply the traditional mud solid control equipment to precessing the river sludge and also configured Programmable Logic Controller system. The whole system is in the leading position in the whole river silt dewatering system and equipment field and in controllability and intellectualization. The whole river sludge dewatering system is far superior to the conventional dewatering centrifuge scheme in the efficiency of processing.

Although, in the aspect of economic investment, naterinew type of river sludge Dewatering equipment is expencive than the traditional dewatering equipment, from the perspective of time cost considerations, but the new river sludge dewatering system is the best chiose because of its high processing efficiency, significantly speed up the construction schedule. it will be also a new trend of the river sludge in the future!

More about information Sludge Dewatering System

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