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Shipment interchangeable shaker screen with Derrick to UAE 


Yesterday, Brightway shipped 620PCS PMD& PWP shaker screen interchangeable with Derrick 500 to UAE customer. This UAE customer has 8sets drilling rigs, most of them are Italy rig Drillmec. And the solids control system they using comes from Derrick. Brightway is manufacturer of solids control system and shaker screen is just some spare parts. So Brightway wait to have some cooperation on equipments and system with this customer in the future. Building trust from screen, then we can do step by step to others products.


Brightway shaker screen packages
Brightway shaker screen packages


Shaker screen size: 697x1050mm


Weight: 6.5kgs

Screen material: S.S304

Frame material: Carbon steel


PWP shaker screen interchangeable with Derrick 500
PWP shaker screen interchangeable with Derrick 500


PMD shaker screen interchangeable with Derrick 500.
PMD shaker screen interchangeable with Derrick 500.


Brightway other interchangeable screen: 

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Brightway shaker screen

Brightway can make the screen according to customer’s requirement, if only we get the dimension, picture or samples. 
Besides the shaker screen, Brightway mainly focus on shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanting centrifuge, vertical cutting dryer, mud agitator, centrifugal pump, jet mud mixer and conveyor…

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