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Jidong Oilfield Drilling Waste Disposal System Delivery


Recently, Brightway produced drilling waste disposal system for Jidong Oilfield affiliated units. This equipment includes 2 sets of vertical cuttings dryer and 3 sets of decanter centrifuge. The final installation and commissioning work is currently in progress and is expected to be delivered to customers in the short term.


Jidong Oilfield Drilling Waste Disposal System Delivery


Most of the drilling projects in Jidong Oilfield are located near the offshore areas and shrimp ponds. In order to protect the ecological environment, Jidong Oilfield has been actively advocating and practicing green drilling, and adopted corresponding environmental protection measures for each well in the drilling construction. Among them, for the waste drilling fluid generated by drilling and waste mud treatment, the oil field has invested a batch of special treatment equipment, namely drilling waste disposal system. The equipment that Brightway produced for customers this time is an important cooperation that helps the environmental protection construction of Jidong Oilfield.


Jidong Oilfield Drilling Waste Disposal System


At present, the decanter centrifuge has been completed, and the drill cuttings dryer project has been completed 90%, Brightway workers are doing the final installation and commissioning work, it is expected to be sent to the oilfield drilling site by the end of this month. Know more about oilfield environmental protection equipment or to consult drilling waste disposal system, please click the link:http://www.brightwaysolids.com/Drilling-Waste-Management_d13

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